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PTFE hoses 1

PTFE hoses

Scandflow offers a great range of un-braided or stainless steel braided PTFE hoses. Our PTFE hoses can be offered with end fittings made after customer's wishes, including fixed or flared ends.

There are many applications for PTFE hoses. From break lines in cars to transporting a wide range of chemicals at a biological research facility. Some of the advantages of using our PTFE hoses, is their outstanding chemical resistance. They can cope with a wide range of temperatures without losing their flexibility.PTFE hoses 2 Furthermore we offer our PFTE hoses as unbraided or braided for a more heavy duty hose, capable of withstanding more mechanical wear. All of our braided or unbraided PTFE hoses are available in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 10" (DN8 to DN250)